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Gearbox CX14H Long-Term Review

The Gearbox CX14H is a durable paddle that offers control and stability. While it doesn’t sacrifice power for control, it does lack some of the put-away power I’ve seen in other paddles.

Joola Primo Pickleball Balls

The Joola Primo pickleball ball is USAPA-approved and plays well in cold weather. Also, the box has Ben Johns’ face on it.

PCKL Elite 40 Pickleball

If you’re looking for a durable pickleball that plays well and will hold up in cold weather, the PCKL Elite 40 is a good choice for amateur players.

Niupipo Portable Pickleball Net

The Niupipo pickleball net is an affordable option for casual players that converts any flat surface into a pickleball court.

Niupipo MX-25 and MX-36 Paddles Sets

Niupipo’s MX-25 & MX-36 paddle sets provide new pickleball players with an affordable way to get started in the sport.

Niupipo MX-06 Pickleball Paddle Set

The Niupipo MX-06 paddle set comes with everything you and your family need to get started playing pickleball except a net