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This week I’m talking about Matthew 5:3 which reads, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (NRSV) 

Poor in spirit can refer to humility or knowing that you’re in need of God’s grace. It can also refer to physical poverty but most people see this phrase as more of an attitude rather than a state of poverty.

The “kingdom of Heaven” isn’t a physical kingdom but a spiritual one. Yes, one day Jesus will physically establish His kingdom on earth but that’s not what He was referring to here. That spiritual kingdom is often referred to as an “upside-down” kingdom where the meek and merciful put others first.

How can we apply this to pickleball? 

When I started playing, I didn’t know anything about the game. I had a lot to learn and I’d actively seek out players who could teach me more about pickleball. 

Now that I know more, I have to check my heart sometimes and make sure I don’t approach the game as a “know-it-all”.

There is always more to learn. Even pros have to learn new strategies and techniques to continue playing their best. I need to do the same.

I should also be willing to play a game or two with that newbie. This can be hard for the competitor in me sometimes because having a partner who makes more mistakes than I do can be frustrating. But, I need to put others first sometimes so that I’m not only helping someone learn to play a fun sport but I’m also exhibiting a Christ-like attitude.


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Pickleball Tip

This week’s tip comes from John Cincola and it has to do with dinking.  

  •  Use cross-court dinks for offense to create openings for an attack.
  • Use dinks to the middle or directly across from you for defense and to neutralize or set up your opponent. Watch his video for a more in-depth explanation.

Closing Remarks

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